Schirra Giraldi


Dormitories, kitchens, canteens, mosques, classrooms and sitting rooms. Spaces for sleeping, cooking, eating, praying, learning and spending time together. The image is representative of a project that documents spaces in homeless shelters: temporary, shared and silent. The spaces themselves show the need for their existence. The project was carried out in the city of Gorizia (Italy), often called the Lampedusa of the North-East. Gorizia is the main gateway to Italy on the Balkan route, one of the main migratory paths into Europe that reflects the influx of people on the Eastern Mediterranean route and that is inversely proportional to the flow of the Central Mediterranean route and therefore also to the landings on the island of Lampedusa.
The images document rooms in the shelters without providing any real contextualization, so they take on an air of being suspended among the different places on the different migration routes.


Manuela Schirra and Fabrizio Giraldi (Schirra/Giraldi) is an artist duo committed to creating visual stories in sociological and environmental fields. Their iconographic language was developed starting from industrial and architectural photography, a grammar nowadays also applied to portraits and landscapes. In their words, “the intent is to develop an objective and suspended documentation to give the viewer the opportunity to immerse themselves and reflect”. Manuela Schirra (PhD architect, researcher, photographer and journalist) and Fabrizio Giraldi (photographer and journalist) have officially collaborated as a duo since 2018 with national and international magazines producing features on the themes of architecture, landscape and technology.

Schirra Giraldi