This is more than a simple slogan: these are values that we believe in, that are communicated through the narrative power of photography. Sustainability concerns all of us, our daily lives and how we behave day by day. Like our responsible choices, this will determine today the lives of those who will come after us. The Italian Sustainability Photo Award (ISPA) was created for this purpose: to present conscious choices, innovative ideas and courageous solutions.

We are looking for Italian stories, the ambitious tales of a forward-looking country that is aiming for growth. We invite photographers from all over the world to respond to the challenge: to produce powerful and visionary images that describe and illustrate hope, the future, rights and obligations, progress towards a more sustainable existence by focusing on stories of Environmental Sustainability, Social Sustainability and Sustainable Governance. These are the values that inspire the ISPA, these are values that increasingly represent a shared heritage that should be pursued.

A prestigious Jury of photographers, photo editors and international journalists awarded prizes for the best Single Photo and the best Photo Story. In addition: the Jury selected a photographic project and provided tangible support in the form of a Grant worth €10,000. This is because we believe in sustainability, in the power of daily challenges. And in the magic of telling their stories.


The Italian Sustainability Photo Award is a photo competition open to everyone, entry is free of charge with no geographical or professional barriers. The ISPA was established in order to tell the story of sustainability in Italy in the environmental, social and governance sectors and, to do so, has taken inspiration from the values expressed in the international acronym “ESG”: Environmental, Social and Governance. The ESG criteria come from the economic and financial world and are generally synonymous with commitment and awareness. The photographic material submitted for entry in the ISPA 2020 Competition (Single Photos, Photo Stories, Grant projects) must be relevant to one of these three themes.



ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY. Environmental sustainability in all its possible forms: from processes for reducing pollution and harmful emissions to the production of clean energy, from the balanced management of natural resources to the disposal and correct recycling of waste to the complex safeguarding of biodiversity. It is the growing awareness of how the delicate relationship between humanity and its surrounding resources is crucial to the future of mankind.

SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY. Everything that is inherent to the respect of human, cultural, social and political rights, gender and inclusion politics, the protection of diversity and minorities, the safeguarding of health and the support of civil communities. This category also embraces experiences of the increased sharing in the value chain linking governments, businesses, associations and individuals aimed at supporting reciprocal growth and ensuring conditions for a dignified life for every human being.

SUSTAINABLE GOVERNANCE. These are the methods, rules and procedures that sustainably govern and manage social phenomena, institutions, companies, public and private authorities, both large and small. These are stories inspired by good government and visionary management which respect legislation and create the base for positive growth.