Elisabetta Zavoli

Elisabetta Zavoli

Rimini. Ana, 10 years-old, sits on her bed in Hotel Margherita on April 20, 2022 in Rimini, Italy. Ana fled Kyiv together with her mum and brother while her father remained to fight. Since the beginning of war in Ukraine, Rimini welcomed more than 4,000 refugees, being the highest number in a single province of Emilia Romagna region. This was possible by the spontaneous opening of some hotels. Yet, after 40 days of free hosting, hotels’ owners realized that the government wouldn’t pay their expenses and, without any governmental support, hoteliers turn their backs to refugees and let them being displaced all over Italy by police enforcement. Hotel Margherita was one of the few remaining hotels in Rimini to host Ukrainian refugees thanks to a self-management approach and the free help of many volunteers thus showing how civil society could be a real agent of human rights. On assignment for Getty Images.


Born in Rimini in 1976. Has a degree in Environmental Science and has been involved in documentary photography since 2009. She spent 10 years living in Algeria and Indonesia working primarily on environmental issues. The winner of international awards and grants for investigative journalism including the 78th POYi, National Geographic Explorer, Earth Photo Award, Journalism Grants for Innovation in Development Reporting, and in 2020 she co-founded Radar Magazine, an online magazine focused on environmental issues.

Elisabetta Zavoli