Do I lose copyright of my images by taking part in the ISPA competition?
No, absolutely not. The finalist images in the three categories may be used for a five-year period (starting from the date of first use) only and exclusively to promote the ISPA competition, as provided for in the Official Rules. None of the other images can be used for any purpose whatsoever.
My images have reached the ISPA final round: can I still use the same photos for publishing and other purposes?
Yes, ISPA use of the finalist images is non-exclusive.
I would like to submit photographs that have previously been entered into other competitions, is this possible?
Yes, it is.


Do I need I.D. or a professional membership card, in order to register?
No, registering on the website is simple and does not require I.D. After generating a personal username and password, the candidate can upload images to their own page.
I am 17 years old; can I take part?
No, age is the only limit to participation. Entrants must be 18 years old at the time of uploading their images.
Can I register the final day for submissions?
Yes. What’s important is to upload and send the images to ISPA by 11 p.m. (Italian time) on the day of the deadline.


What’s the difference between the categories and the themes?
The categories are the three possible types of upload that ISPA offers: Single Photo, Photo Story and Grant. Once the category has been selected, you will be asked to specify the relevant theme for the image (this is obligatory) from the following: Environmental Sustainability, Social Sustainability, Sustainable Governance. For example, you may submit an image to the Single Photo Category relative to the Environmental Sustainability theme, a Photo Story entry inspired by Social Sustainability and a project themed around Sustainable Governance.
How many photos may I submit in each category?
Each entrant can submit a maximum of 10 photographs for the Single Photo category, three stories for the Photo Story category (between minimum eight and maximum 12 images) and up to five projects in the Grant category (between minimum 10 and maximum 30 images).
If an image has been submitted to the Single Photo category, can it also be included in a Photo Story or Grant Project submission?
Yes, this is permitted.
Can photos shot outside Italy be submitted?
Yes, only in the photo story category (but at least half of the photos submitted for each single story must have been taken in Italy) and in the Grant category (but the project must necessarily be developed in Italy).
Can a project submitted to the Grant category be carried out outside of Italy?
No, the Grant project must be carried out within Italy’s borders.


How much does it cost to upload photos to the ISPA site?
The competition is free of charge.
Will the photos uploaded to my personal page be submitted automatically?
No, once the images have been uploaded onto your personal page, they must be submitted by clicking the specific command, before 11 p.m. (Italian time) on the day of the competition’s deadline.
Can I submit the photos to ISPA by email or WeTransfer?
No, the images can only be submitted by using the website www.ispaward.com.
Should the text be sent separately?
Yes, when submitting an entry to the Photo Story and Grant Categories. For more details consult the Category section in the Official Rules. The text will be accepted only if written in English.
I have submitted my photos but one of the captions is incorrect. What should I do?
Once submitted, uploaded files cannot be modified. However, you can send an e-mail with the correct caption to info@ispaward.com: the ISPA team will then modify it for you.


Must the images be unpublished?
No, the images may have been published previously, submitted to other competitions or displayed in photography exhibitions.
Does every image require a caption?
Should the captions be sent separately in a text file?
No, the captions – in English (obligatory) and Italian (optional) – must be inserted into the image metadata, along with the photographer’s name and surname.
Which kinds of photos can be submitted in the Grant category?
Unlike the other two categories, there are no time constraints regarding when the photos submitted were taken (as long as they were taken by the photographer themselves), and they can also have been taken outside Italy. It is preferable that these photographs are related to the project you intend to undertake; however, it is acceptable to submit images that aren’t related to the project itself, but which form a simple portfolio illustrating the photographer’s style. The project must be undertaken within Italy.
Can images be sent in TIFF?
No. The images must be uploaded as JPG files, with a resolution of: 72 dpi, 1,500 pixel on the longest side and high-quality compression
Are posed images permitted?
Yes, as are images that have been improved and/or cropped. Images that have been manipulated to modify, exclude or add elements are not permitted. Consult the Official Rules for other ethical indications.
What name should I give to my images?
The title of the photos may be freely chosen, as long as the name and surname of the photographer are not included.
Can stories or projects created by more than one photographer also be entered for the competition?
Yes. Stories and projects created by a team of photographers can be submitted for the Photo History and Grant categories. At the same time, however, only one person can register for the ISPA, and he or she must upload the requested material. When filling in the author section, the names of all the photographers (or the team) involved in the project must be indicated in the metadata (and not in the caption) for each image.
Can I add my name to the photo as a watermark?
No. The name and surname of the photographer, and any other reference to their identity, cannot be included in the filenames of the submitted files, in the caption or as a watermark in the photo, it can only be included in the appropriate metadata field (Exif data) of the file.
If a series of images that has been submitted for the Grant category doesn’t win, can it subsequently be submitted as a Photo Story?
Yes, it can.


Are there prizes for the three themes (environment, society, governance)?
No. Prizes will be awarded only to the best Single Photo, best Photo Story and, as a Grant, to the best Project.
Are there prizes for the runner-up finalists?
No. There are cash prizes only for the winner of each of the three Categories. The Jury does, however, have the right to assign honourable mentions.
Can the same image win the Single Photo Category while also being present in the winning story of the Photo Story Category?
No. If the winning image of the Single Photo Category is also present as part of the sequence in the winning Photo Story Category, the latter will take precedence. Therefore, the second placed finalist in the Single Photo Category will win best Single Photo.
Can the image that wins the Single Photo Category or is included in the winning Photo Story Category also be included in the winning project of the Grant Category?
Yes, this is possible.
Can the same photographer win prizes in two or even all three categories with different photographs?
Yes, because the Jury is voting on the images without knowing the photographer’s identity.
When will the winners be announced?
The names of the winners in the Single Photo and Photo Story categories will be announced publicly in either November 28, 2023. On that same day, the Grant winner will be announced and their photographic project, which they’d spent the previous six months putting together, will be presented.

For further information and questions, please write to: info@ispaward.com