Jean-Marc Caimi e Valentina Piccinni

Jean-Marc Caimi e Valentina Piccinni

This Land Is My Land. An overnight inspection of a grove of dead olive trees ravaged by Xylella disease, in Spongano, Apulia, one of the areas hardest hit by the plant epidemic. The fields have been abandoned pending a change of use and have been rapidly invaded by weeds. 22 million trees are at risk and the epidemic is rapidly moving northwards, threatening the rest of Europe. Thousands of farmers have already lost their life’s work and the entire economy of a region based primarily on olive oil production is collapsing, with devastating repercussions on the landscape and a unique human and cultural heritage.


Jean-Marc Caimi was born in Paris in 1966 and Valentina Piccinni in Bari in 1982. They are a multi-award-winning photographic duo that focuses on documenting contemporary issues. They’ve regularly featured in major international magazines and they exhibit their work at festivals and galleries in Europe and Asia. Their long-term project “This land is my land” was published by the British publishing house Overlapse under the title Fastidiosa and is the most recent of their seven photographic books.

Jean-Marc Caimi e Valentina Piccinni