Michela Balboni


In the heart of the countryside in the Emilia region, a young and innovative agricultural endeavor is quietly redefining the concepts of sustainability and animal welfare. Tommaso and Caterina, a brother and sister in their early twenties, have taken over land owned by their family. Starting with just four chickens and a determination to combat climate change while promoting animal well-being and preserving precious ecosystems, they are paving the way for a new era of responsible farming. At the core of every project is a commitment to protect and enrich biodiversity. From beekeeping to the planting of new trees and woodland strips, their initiatives foster the growth of flora and the revival of wildlife in our depleted countryside, which is marked by simplified landscapes and intensive farming techniques. One of their most innovative projects involves the design and implementation of mobile chicken coops. This cutting-edge animal husbandry method enables rotational grazing, thereby ensuring animal welfare and soil regeneration. It proves that sustainable agriculture and quality can go hand in hand.
What sets Podere (“small farm”) 101 apart is its youthful spirit and daily commitment to fighting climate change. Despite their young age, Tommaso and Caterina have a clear vision for the future: they want to create a world where sustainability and respect for nature take precedence. Podere 101 aims to be a beacon of hope for the new generations, inspiring them to embrace alternative agricultural practices that prioritize harmony with the environment. Through their perseverance and dedication, Tommaso and Caterina show that age is not a barrier to implementing meaningful change. As we watch their journey unfold, let’s remember that the seeds of a better future are being sown by the hands of determined young individuals who are shaping a world that the new generations can be proud to inherit.


Michela Balboni, who was born in 1982, is a freelance photographer based in Bologna. In her projects she specializes in showcasing the beauty of food, the local landscape, and the individuals intertwined with it. She collaborates with businesses, chefs, restaurants, and industry magazines in order to create photoshoots, books, and reportages. Her work has been published in various magazines, including Bell'Italia, Linkiesta Gastronomica, and Der Spiegel. It has also been exhibited both in Italy and internationally, with showcases in Bristol at the Pink Lady Food Photography Awards in April 2022, at Milan's Mia Photo Fair in 2023, and in Parma at the Laboratorio Aperto del Complesso di San Paolo (the Open Laboratory at the San Paolo Complex) in 2023.
Michela Balboni