Fabio Moscatelli

Fabio Moscatelli

Sanjida is a Bengali girl who suffers from albinism and therefore low vision. For the Bengali community, albinism is a phenomenon comparable to witchcraft, and for this reason her parents decided to dye her hair, in order to disguise her "whiteness." The photograph was taken at the Rome headquarters of the Sant’Alessio - Margherita di Savoia Institute for the Blind, where Sanjida is receiving therapy. Here the therapist is seen stroking her face. The Institute has been dealing with visual impairment for more than 150 years, focusing on rehabilitation, education and employment, in order foster autonomy and social inclusion in people who are either blind or visually impaired.


Fabio Moscatelli was born in Rome, and he lives and works there today. He graduated from La Scuola Romana di Fotografia e Cinema (the Rome School of Photography and Cinema) and over the years he has specialized in social reporting and intimate storytelling, often focusing on people and stories on the edge of society. His published works include: The Last Exit (2016) and Nostos (2020), a journey back to his childhood in which he revisited the areas of central Italy that were affected by a major earthquake six years ago. The book was edited by Augusto Pieroni. Other publications include Gioele, il mondo fuori (“the world outside,” 2021). It’s about Gioele, a boy with autism, with whom Fabio has been collaborating closely for the ten years. The project was edited by Irene Alison and Der Lab Studio. He has also produced Pranzo della domenica (Sunday lunch), a project dedicated to the memory of his maternal grandmother. It was published as a fanzine in December 2022. Fabio has been teaching at the Officine Fotografiche in Rome since 2019.
Fabio Moscatelli