The prestigious Gallerie d'Italia in Turin was the setting for the launch of the latest edition of the Italian Sustainability Photo Award on Tuesday, January 17th.

The main novelties in this fourth edition include the new president of the jury, journalist and writer Mario Calabresi. During a panel at the presentation, he also inaugurated the ISPA Talks project. This is a series of traveling events with experts and other prominent representatives, who are invited to tell Italian stories that look to a sustainable future based on resilience, creativity and innovation. 

ISPA Talks - Courageous Tales of Sustainability

These feature the three core areas of sustainability (ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance), as well as many positive stories of innovation or entrepreneurship, from small communities to the enlightened management of local areas. These can provide ideas for a type of sustainable development that makes the world we live in a better place.

Mario Calabresi, journalist, writer and ISPA 2023 jury president
Antonio Carloni, deputy director Gallerie d'Italia - Turin
Tomaso Clavarino, ISPA 2022 grant winner
Elisa Palazzi, climatologist at the University of Turin, scientist and author

Moderator: Stefano Milano, editorial director at Parallelozero 

Writer and journalist Mario Calabresi, the new president of the Jury, had this to say on the subject: 
"The sustainability I like to deal with is not only environmental but also social. It is the sustainability of ways of living, our times and our lives. This is exactly what I saw in the previous editions and it is what convinced me to accept this role: I’m talking about the ability that the winning photographers share when it comes to understanding today's situation by revealing its problems while also trying to show possible solutions. The stories photographed portray people engaged in mending, repairing, fixing, rebuilding and creatively imagining new and different answers. They point to a new ecology for our times, in which we learn to leave a sustainable mark on life."

We’d also to thank everyone for being here this evening!